At Tomsk International Science Program, we offer a completely new educational approach to natural sciences. Our four-year bachelor’s program gives you the freedom to choose your own curriculum from a wide variety of courses. No need to pin yourself down to a predefined program or force a curriculum decision if you are still undecided. You select your own set of courses each semester, while becoming familiar with your options. Your dedicated academic advisor will match curricular offerings with your particular needs and ambitions.

Fast facts

  • Bachelor in Innovations
  • 4 years (240 ECTS)
  • English taught
  • Start in September
  • Build your own curriculum
  • Choose courses in biology, chemistry, physics and medicine
  • Active learning approaches

With our teaching methods Problem-Based Learning and Research-Based Learning you work in small groups in close interaction with fellow students and a tutor, solving real life academic problems. You learn how to think as an academic and how to work as a professional, providing you with a solid basis for the labour market. Your active participation determines the way you expand your knowledge and develop your skills. Learn from doing and get your essential hands-on experience in our modern and fully equipped laboratories.We offer a bachelor’s programme that is taught entirely in English. With staff and students from all over the world, we are proud of the international community at Tomsk International Science Program.

Education Student Projects Student Handbook
We offer you a challenging learning environment with small and interactive group sessions as distinctive characteristic. In both your studies and your future career you will need more than a load of information, you need to be able to transfer and apply your knowledge. Through Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Research-Based Learning (RBL) you are encouraged to explore the material yourself and to apply your knowledge to real and hypothetical cases. We offer you an inspirational environment for your research, practicals and projects, enabling you to experience science at its best. You will find it more rewarding to seek your own answers than to search for what others previously published.  The Student Handbook 2019-2020 of Tomsk International Science Program (in short: TISP) is a condensed guide providing you with essential information on academic procedures and other issues related to your studies at TISP. Additional information and updates will be made available to students during the academic year.